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Hey Oklahoma MtG players – Read This!

I know there aren’t a lot of readers on this blog yet, and judging by my site tracker a large number are from Canada and Poland.  That being said, I’m going to toss this up on twitter and ask that any okies who are interested retweet.  Also, if you aren’t already (and are interested), you can follow me @RussHenderson, I’ll be frequently tweeting updates for this blog.  And, as always, PLEASE leave comments if you’re at all interested – I’ve had quite a few hits considering how young the blog is, but no comments to date.

My first custom set, Caeia, is currently in a semi-complete ‘beta’ stage, and I’d like to take it for a spin in a series of organized playtests.  The first playtest is currently in the works, but will likely be held in the Norman area (probably at Wizard’s Asylum is I can get things organized) this coming weekend (probably Sunday).   The format this week will be cube draft.   In the future, I’d also like to organize a constructed test over either MWS or OCTGN, and I’m always up for individual tests via Winchester or Winston draft.

If you’re interested, reply in this thread (or if you don’t want to share your info publicly, send me a tweet or email me at and I’ll contact you with details regarding the test scheduled for this weekend, as well as any future test.

And now, because I don’t want to leave you without any pretty pictures, a random card for the day:

I spent about 3 minutes on this, so no judgment… :p


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