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Random Card – 4/13/12

 When I began working on Caeia, the first set of my first block, I knew I wanted to do a strong mill theme in blue, but I didn’t want to make it overpowering (Too much mill makes things far too strong in limited, where you’ve got 20 fewer cards to worry about milling.  This is something I still worry about, at least until we get further playtesting done).   So I wanted to try and come up with a way that mill could win the game without decking an opponent without breaking the colorpie too much.  Of course, Innistrad block does this by pairing blue with Zombies, and including flashback, but I began working on this before anything in Innistrad was spoiled, and the zombie theme wouldn’t work here anyway.

In my setting, the Merfolks of Telvan surround their home with a mystical haze that acts as their defense – stealing away the memories of those who are unfortunate enough to wander in.  They call this area the Blinksea, because when you walk in, you seemingly walk right out in the blink of an eye (because you have no memory of what happened inside).   This memory theft is represented by the mill theme, and opened up design like this card.  Typically, black is the only card that interferes with the graveyard, so this seems like a stretch of the color pie at first glance.  My justification for this is that blue is primarily interacting withnon-creature spells in the graveyard, something blue has shown some slight affinity for in the past.

When we first started playtesting this card, it cost much more to both cast and to activate.  That was quickly determined to be to ineffecient and the card was never played.  This current version is costed fairly aggresively, but early playtesting has shown that it’s right on the money.  There’s something uniquely fun about milling your opponent’s red deck and then hitting them with their own burn spell for lethal.

Thanks for reading!  If you like what you see, or you’re simply interested in giving feedback, leave some comments!


4 responses to “Random Card – 4/13/12

  1. Chris York April 14, 2012 at 2:49 am

    Or hitting them with their own burn spell that keeps coming back each turn, only to exile it and for them to never get it again.

  2. adventmtg April 14, 2012 at 9:56 am

    Haha yeah this was a nice balance to Relentless Flame

  3. manufacture consent July 25, 2012 at 11:12 pm

    Or to just give all of your own instants and sorceries flashback 2UU. This card is ridiculously broken.

    • adventmtg July 25, 2012 at 11:20 pm

      It seems pretty broken, and it still needs a lot of testing (It’s probably going to be changed to only work on spells in other players’ graveyards), but in the format it’s designed for (Block Constructed and Cube Limited only) it’s actually proven to be fairly underwhelming except in the right deck. If this were to be played in today’s standard, or any other true format, it would be hands-down unprintable, however.

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