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Crucible – Superfriends

As I’ve been plodding through the design of the Wedge-themed portion of Crucible, I’ve also had a few playgroups playing with the Hybrid set (I’ve also done a bit of that playtesting myself.).   The primary playtesting group, led by MTGS poster NCKelley82, has provided some very useful feedback in the past few days that will help me focus the Hybrid set.

The first, and biggest piece of feedback they have provided is that they want to see more support for a ‘super friends’ deck.  While each of the three sets in the block have a much higher concentration of Planeswalkers and Legendary Creatures than a normal set, the Hybrid set stands apart from the others with over 50% more Planeswalkers included within (16 compared to each other set’s 10).  This, combined with the card Corporeal Spark seems to encourage a Planeswalkers theme, but the deck type isn’t quite there yet – to the playtester’s dismay.  So I’m gonna change all that.

First off, the card Champion’s Library will be moving from the Shard set to the Hybrid set, hopefully creating more support for a 5-color Planeswalker-centric strategy.  Second, I’ll be improving Embolden cards across the board (which was another piece of feedback the testers provided).  Finally, I’ll be introducing a few new designs intended to support the Walker theme, among which will be the card featured below.  This may become part of a cycle, or may shift to a colorless cost (maybe the same ability, but on an artifact creature) and, of course, all the numbers will be tweaked to provide compelling, but balanced (within the set) gameplay.

That’s only one very quick idea.  Over the course of the next week, I’ll be tweaking the cards that would be valuable for a ‘superfriends’ archetype and testing them (one of the big things that needs to be done is reducing colored mana costs to allow for a more friendly five-color environment).  Until then, thanks for reading!


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