Custom Card Game Design

Revisiting Caeia

EDIT: There were a few glaring issues in the original plugin.  I’ve re-uploaded a revised version, which can be found at the same link.

It’s been about 2 and a half years since I started work on the Caeia block – my first custom MtG block – and recently, several things have come up that have made me want to revisit it.  When I finally ‘finished’ the block, I had vowed to come back to it at some point, and indeed I plan on coming back to it many times in the future, so my revisiting it now comes as no surprise to me, and frankly it kinda helps get past the designer’s block I’ve been having on my custom cube.

Meet the new art, better than the old art

Now, at some point I intend to go back and do a big revision, making large scale design changes to push or reign in certain strategies, as needed.  This revision isn’t like that.  Instead, I’ve made small changes, mostly to the number of cards per set and the rarity breakdown – I’ve cut a card from Caeia to bring it to 249, as opposed to 250, and I’ve changed the rarity on some cards to make the rarity breakdown match the standard that WotC has set.  I’ve made similar changes to the other two sets in the block.

One of the new cards added to Caeia to correct the rarity distribution.

There are very few ‘new’ cards in the block, and the cuts I’ve made were weaker cards that never felt right to begin with.  There have also been slight grammatical and templating fixes, and some slight tweaking of casting costs and effects to make certain keystone cards viable (see: Summon the Masters).

Finally, I’ve compiled a new cockatrice plugin for the set.  You can download it here, and if you’re interested in playing let me know.  I’ll also be putting together a new plugin for Antares’ set Iamur, which I can say from experience is a blast to play.  I’m sure he’ll put up a link for that plugin once it’s finished, and I’m certainly interested in playing it as well.  (NOTE: The plugin removes your current card database and replaces it with the database for Caeia.  To restore your original database, run the uninstall program shortcut that should have been put on your desktop by the installer)

Thanks for reading, and don’t be afraid to leave comments!


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