Custom Card Game Design

Presenting Beginnings

I have not updated much lately, and most likely will not update much in the near future, as I am working on something else which I am not ready to share right now. But I still plan on finishing my Esparand block. Here, I want to present the first preview of ‘Beginnings’, the reboot of the second set of the block. You can find it here.

Keep in mind that the set is currently a conglomerate of ideas, so it might seem a bit cluttered. I am still uncertain as to which mechanics I want to have in the final set. At this stage, I am focusing on getting the flavor right and designing some random cards. Here are some of the preview cards (previews of the preview so to say):

The new mechanic in Beginnings is Paradox. I am still using my original version, but it might still change during development:

A paradox creature.

Most cards will have the same atmosphere as in Esparand. The plane is ravaged by the storm, and most of the land is transformed into a lifeless desert. However, the desertification is still ongoing and many islands of green are still left.

White gets to search out Plains from time to time.


Many cards will deal with transcending time, mortality and all that stuff:

With logic forfeit, everything is possible.

Another new mechanic are the split creatures. They represent two versions of the same character existing at the same time due to time travel paradoxes. These are potentially a very bad idea, but also potentially awesome!

You can cast either half of this card from your hand. On the battlefield, only the one you cast exists.


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