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Announcing: Dareth Block

Announcing: Dareth Block

Set Name: Generals of Dareth

Block: Set 1 of 3 in the Dareth Block

Number of Cards: 249

Estimated Release: June, 2014 (Beta)

Three Letter Code: GEN

Theme: Tactical Creature Combat

New Mechanics: Vanguard, Reverberate, Unity

Returning Mechanic: Cycling


Several months ago, I began talking about a new project meant as a follow-up to my first custom block, Caeia.  Together with Caiea and my customer core set, this block would bookend my own custom standard.  As an exercise in design, I resolved to build this block from the bottom up – designing the mechanics and card interactions fully before assigning flavor.  This design process has recently drawn to a close.

It’s taken quite a while, primarily due to my busy work schedule which has made it difficult for me to stay active within the card creation community, but with the the design process done I can begin to assign flavor to the cards.  I am currently in the process of providing a name and artwork for each card in the set, and in doing so am also setting the stages for the story.

The bottom-up philosophy makes adding flavor to the cards an interesting challenge.  I’m finding that, whilst many of the cards from the Caeia block had plane-specific names, the cards in the Dareth block, so far, have had fairly generic names, or at the least non-specific names.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and overall I’m fairly pleased with how the process is going.

The Dareth block will, unsurprisingly, egin on the plane of Dareth.  Dareth is a faily standard fantasy setting – initially I had hoped to do something a bit more thematic, perhaps Norse Mythology, but I found fairly quickly that it was hard to assign specific flavor like that in a bottom-up environment.  The titular generals are 6 beings represented on 5 different cards (three legendary creatures and two planeswalkers) that have turned the plane of Dareth into a living chess board – directing their armies in calculated strokes and counterstrokes against eachother.   The prize at stake?  An ancient artifact said to grant its possessor with the remarkable ability to change time itself – specifically, to change one (and only one) event in the past.

Their motives a closely held secret, each general now enacts the final phase of their respective campaigns.  This August, hopefully with the help of friends and community members, the Dareth campaign will begin on cockatrice as Generals of Dareth releases in Beta form and the development phase begins.

If you like what you see, and if you would like to be a part of the development process for Dareth, please leave feedback.  This will be my last post for a little while – I’ve been kinda spamming lately.  But, when I post again, there should be a PDF file for an entire set.

As always, thanks for reading.


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