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The Story So Far…

Earlier today, an article by Doug Beyer was posted that server as a ‘the story so far’ primer for each planeswalker in the MtG multiverse, giving a bit of a blurb about each one, where they are, and what they’re doing.  There were some fairly obvious hints spread throughout the article about where we’re going next (There’ll be another Eldrazi block within the next 3 years – mark my words), and in general it was just a neat article that gave some personality to the cards.  Lore is something that gets overlooked a lot, and I’ll admit that I’m not the best at it, but this article (which, after the MtG website’s updates today is no longer viewable) inspired me to do the same with my own characters.

So here is a bit about each planeswalker that has appeared in my own sets up to this point, along with what they’re doing and where they’re doing it.  There are some fairly strong hints here as to where I’m headed if I do multiple blocks, but mostly this is just an exercise in creativity from a lore perspective.  Feel free to leave feedback!


Avienne Rumare

Seeking knowledge to save her home.
Avienne is still emotionally reeling from the annihilation of her home plane at the hands of the Eldrazi.  Although she tried to unite the races of Caeia against the Eldrazi threat, thousands of years of hatred and mistrust stood in her path, and Caeia was destroyed.  Since the destruction of her home plane, Avienne has made it a point to branch out into other colors of mana, trying to expand her knowledge and ability, hoping that she can find some way to bring her people and her home into being.  Avienne is currently on the plane of Dareth, where it is said an ancient artifact lies hidden, an artifact that grants its finder the ability to change one moment in the past.

Elaara Bryne

Savoring pain and power.
The Annihilation of Caeia did little to phase Elaara.  It was easy enough to simply planeswalk away when it became clear the plane was doomed.  The plane of Khemia has held her interest since leaving Caeia, though for how long she is unsure.  For now, she has set herself up as a despot, subjugating the weak, brainwashing them through pain until they are her willing thralls.  Deep down, she yearns for more – more power for herself, more pain for the weak.

Gideon Jura

For a second time, Gideon Jura has witnessed a plane being ravaged by the Eldrazi.  Both times, the beasts seemed unstoppable and the second time led to the very destruction of the plane they were ravaging.  Undeterred, and in fact more determined than ever, Gideon directly seeks the aid of the Infinite Consortium now, attempting to sway the interplanar group towards taking action against the Eldrazi.


Leader of the Resistance
Although the fall of Caeia weighs heavily on Koth, his eyes have turned back to his home plane of Mirrodin. Refusing to accept that the plane is now New Phyrexia, Koth has returned to lead the Mirran resistance. Their backs to the wall, Koth and the Mirrans have found hope unlooked for as the Phyrexians begin to fight and scheme amongst eachother, different sects of Phyrexians looking at the world with slightly different means to the same end.  Koth now plans with Mirran Generals on how best to exploit this Phyrexian weakness.

Aran Tohfar

Annihilated by the Eldrazi
The Planeswalker Aran did not escape the calamity that befell Caiea.  While preparing to Planeswalk away from Caeia to inform his mast, Nicol Bolas, of what was occuring, Aran became tethered to the plane by an unknown force.  Along with the rest of Caeia, Aran has seemingly been completed annihilated, and whatever remains now drifts in the Blind Eternities.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

Seeking Vengeance
Ugin, convinced that the annihilation of Caeia was the work of the planeswalker Nicol Bolas, is now on a quest of vengeance, traveling the planes in search of the Elder Dragon.  In the back of Ugin’s mind, however, is Zendikar.  Can the prison of the Eldrazi be rebuilt?  What, if anything, can lure the beasts back?

Amaryllis Detolle

Seeking to usurp the gods.
Consortium Member Amaryllis is currently on her home plane of Khemia, a desert world ruled by beings that have set themselves up as gods. These ‘gods’ care little for the common people of Khemia, and the ruling Pharaohs care even less, subjugating the weak and the poor to uphold their own opulence.  Amaryllis seeks to end the oppressive rule of the Pharaohs and end the worship of ‘gods’ of Khemia, beings who Amaryllis feels could simply be other planeswalkers using their abilities to deify themselves.  Recently, Amaryllis has learned of another being subjugated the weak – a vampiric planeswalker who enslaves the weak through pain.

Aurinn Rila

General of the Consortium
Aurinn is currently located on the plane of Aranzhur, in the Iron Tower of the Infinite Consortium.  With much of the Consortium lost, the Aranzhur cell has attempted to pick up the pieces, reconnecting with cells across the multiverse.  Though the Consortium began as an interplanar mercantile organization, it evolved into a sort of interplanar intelligence-gathering operation.  Wary of outside threats, especially with information about the Eldrazi as shared by Gideon, Aurinn has been named General of the Consortium, and is building up a small host to protect their interests.


Embracing Solitude
Although her social skills are decidedly more acute than many green mages, Halina has always preferred the untamed wilds to the chaos of ‘civilization’.  She currently is located on the plane of Muraganda, enjoying the solitude of the untamed wilds while she can.  Although she has not been directly given news of the destruction of Caeia, she can feel its effects on a primal level even on different planes, and she wonders how many planes can be destroyed before shaking the natural order of the Multiverse itself.

Jorad Faris

Ruling from the Iron Tower
Jorad currently rules the Infinite Consortium from the Iron Tower of Aranzhur.  Order being Paramount in his mind, Jorad is trying to steer the Consortium into becoming an almost legislative body of Planeswalkers, with himself at the head.  Gideon Jura’s recent arrival, and his subsequent lobbying for support against the Eldrazi, troubles Jorad, who foresees that action against the Eldrazi will lead to more chaos.

Kera Ashwin

Searching for purpose
Although the only planeswalker among them, Kera Ashwin has always felt inferior to her sisters, Evina and Ashari.  Evina and Ashari Ashwin work together commanding an army on Dareth, commanding respect from thousands of soldiers yet Kera, with all her planeswalking ability, has yet to find greater purpose.  A low ranking member of the Infinite Consortium, Kera currently seeks tutelage from the shaman of Kaldheim in the hopes that she can find purpose in cyomancy and shamanism.


7 responses to “The Story So Far…

  1. Aran June 19, 2014 at 6:07 am

    You killed me…

    • adventmtg June 19, 2014 at 9:58 pm

      I dunno what you’re talking about. /shiftyeyes

      Honestly I wasn’t sure what to do with him. If you have ideas, let’s bring him back!

      • Aran June 21, 2014 at 6:29 am

        I don’t know what to do with him storyline-wise. I’d like to see him revived. Maybe Bolas remade him. Maybe he just can’t be killed and has the power to bring others back from death. He probably doesn’t belong in your current set, though.

      • adventmtg June 21, 2014 at 8:22 am

        Well, in my current block Avienne is one of the ones vying for the artifact that can change one event. If she can change time and bring back Caeia, that would undo Aran’s death as well.

  2. antaresmtg June 20, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    Wasn’t Ugin killed by Nicol Bolas?

    • adventmtg June 20, 2014 at 3:45 pm

      Bolas tells Sarkhan Vol that he battled Ugin and was able to steal knowledge of the Eldrazi (thought not Ugin’s complete knowledge on them) from Ugin’s mind. He incpacitated and *possibly* killed Ugin.

      When I started working on Caeia, I basically made the choice to say that ‘my’ continuity was an alternate timeline that split off from the main MtG story at SoM, and that in my own continuity Ugin was injured but not killed (since, as of yet, the official story is that it’s up in the air)

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