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Ashiok, Dreamwaker


the Esparand block testing revealed that blue-black is slightly inferior to other color combinations and control decks in those colors are struggling. With my yet unnamed Dream set being the next set in my Custom Standard cycle, I want to give Dimir mages a new, exciting toy to make their opponent’s life miserable. And since this will be a set focused on dream and nightmare, and Ashiok is a blue and black aligned planeswalker all about making your opponent’s life miserable, it seemed like a perfect fit. How could it be not in the set, right? So, here is Ashiok, Dreamwaker:

Ashiok, Dreamwaker is built to be used in control mirrors, where the +1 ability can be very devastating. When facing an aggro opponent, Ashiok will have a good chance of facing an empty-handed opponent and be much less effective. The ability lets the opponent draw a card, so it never actually generates straight-up card advantage. But that does not mean much, when the only card you are worried about is Illusions of Finitude. With the second ability, you get to steal the stuff you exiled, which I think is Ashiok’s “thing” (maybe if we see Ashiok again, it will do something entirely different). The ultimate is powerful, given that you can rip your opponent from answers to Ashiok and ultimate very easily.

I have briefly tested it, and on an empty board against another control deck it is not even remotely beatable. Its defensive capabilities are very lackluster, but it’s identical to Jace, Memory Adept in that regard, and he has managed to become a roleplayer in Standard.

What do you guys think?


5 responses to “Ashiok, Dreamwaker

  1. Aran June 30, 2014 at 5:26 am

    I love this kind of thing. Great card.

  2. adventmtg July 1, 2014 at 9:27 pm

    From a design perspective, I love this. Fits the character, fits the set, all in all it’s well done. As a player who loathes control, I want to kill this card with fire.

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