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The Guilds United

If nothing else can get you to work together, maybe the end of the world can. In Siege of Ravnica, the guilds don’t get their own mechanic each. Instead, the guilds get a shared mechanic called Guildpact and each of the guilds will have a minor theme that can be built around. Guildpact is an ability word that counts the number of colors among permanents you control.

Two creatures with the Guildpact mechanic.

In many multicolor formats, you can try to draft five-color, but the results may vary. In Siege of Ravnica, you are directly incentivized to do so. You pick the best card from each pack, pick up the Guildpact cards when you can, but you are also smart and pick mana fixing over them! The Guildpact cards aren’t as good in two- or three-color decks, so you can pick them up later.

Similar to Khans of Tarkir, ten dual lands at common help with the mana fixing.

There are also some cards in the set that synergize well with Guildpact. For example, the “multi-guild hybrid” cycle. These creatures have a cost similar to the “Shardblade” cycle from Alara Reborn and can increase your color count drastically.

Gold hybrid cards have two guild affiliations.

In addition to the synergy they provide with Guildpact, the hybrid cards tie together the multicolor environment of the set. Each of the two- or three-color combinations should be draftable and having flexible cards goes a long way in supporting that goal. The “guilds working together” theme could be expanded even more with true tri-colored cards at rare that have the watermarks of all three included guilds, but giving these cards a flavor that represents all three guilds reasonably well might prove to be too difficult.


2 responses to “The Guilds United

  1. adventmtg March 17, 2015 at 8:46 am

    I like the dual guild cards.

    I have a question though – how are you expecting this to draft in regard to archetypes? Do you expect people to go 2 color or 3 color mostly? How viable are you going to want 5 color? Where will the Eldrazi fit in – will there be a dedicated Eldrazi archetype, or will they generally fit in at the top of the curve in any deck?

    • antaresmtg March 19, 2015 at 1:01 pm

      I expect people to go anywhere from two to five colors. The most common archetype I expect is two colors spashing a third, or straight three colors. I try to give each guild a few build-around cards, but they won’t be enough to make an entire deck most of the time. Five color is supported well, but you need the strategy to be open. The Eldrazi don’t have their own archetype currently. Maybe that’s something to aim for in the second set?

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