Custom Card Game Design

Is your art being used?

All of the art used on these cards was found on or similar sites, often with the permission of the artist.  The cards shown here, including the artwork found on them, are not created with the intent of pursuing financial gain and are unquestionably not for sale.  The artwork being used here is being used for scholarship and research regarding game design, with regards specifically to the game Magic the Gathering (TM and Copyright Wizards of the Coast 1993-Present).  Display of all artwork used here is considered by the author to be in a state transformative enough to warrant fair use.

However, if you see a card using your art and you want it taken down, you can contact us by responding to this post and we will do so.  We have no desire to offend or infringe upon the rights of any artist out there.  In fact, if we’re using your art it’s because we admire your work.   Thanks for your understanding.


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